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Tworzymy obrazy i murale na ścianach dowolnych pomieszczeń i budynków. Przenosimy na mury artystyczne wizje Klienta lub nasze pomysły.

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hand painted advertisement mural for Gorillas


Advertisement Mural for GSA’s Gorillas Campaign 

The Gorillas brand marketing campaign mural is a captivating piece of art that tells a story through a combination of three distinct photos. The mural features a person holding a lemon in one hand while squeezing it into a glass with the other, set against a black background with a bold green strip down the middle. The artwork exudes a playful and vibrant energy that is sure to catch the viewer’s attention. The use of bold, dynamic colours and strokes adds to the mural’s visual appeal, creating a stunning work of art that is both captivating and inspiring. The mural is a testament to the creativity and skill of the team that brought it to life.